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The Bruery's New Boysenberry Beer Boasts Foamy Fruitiness

The juicy regional favorite is tartly starring in the Orange County brewery's new foeder-aged American wild ale.

The Bruery

What to Know

  • The Bruery is based in Placentia
  • Frucht: Boysenberry is for sale in a number of stores in California and other states; delivery is also available, for a fee, in OC and LA
  • The "slightly tart beer" takes its inspiration from the fruit-forward beers of Northern Germany


Depending on where you go around Orange County, you can find the famous fruits tangily topping pancakes, or slathered on toast, or adding a fresh kick to ice cream, and even serving as a sweet note to a savory dish, like chicken or beef.

And, occasionally? You might even find the county's most celebrated berry in a foam-topped libation, the sort of made-for-adults sip that has hopsy heft and fruit-strong notes.

The Bruery, which is based in Placentia, is honoring the area's best-known berry, a fruit that is synonymous with Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, in a brand-new beer.

It's the Frucht: Boysenberry, a foeder-aged American wild ale "inspired by the heritage of Northern German brewers." It's the third beer in The Bruery's 2021 Frucht series, so if you've already tried the cucumber or passion fruit, you'll know that a certain rangy woodsiness, and floral-big-ness, are at the center of the wild ale.

Director of Production Jeremy Grinkey commented on this new release's "dialed-back acidity," a feature that helps the fruitiness shine through.

"We loved the Passion fruit and cucumber versions and decided to follow up with boysenberry to close out the year. Boysenberries are near and dear to our hearts as they have been uniquely popularized by Orange County and we love how they work in our unique Orange County sour beers."

What to pair this more offbeat beer with, if you're keen to snack and sip?

Caitie Gold, The Bruery's Brand Director, suggests a charcuterie board. "The jammy nature of the berries, paired with the bright acidity, will perfectly cut the salt from cured meats and cheese," meaning no additional fruit on the board is necessary.

Are you a boysen buff who is 21 or older? You can enjoy Frucht: Boysenberry via a complimentary delivery in Orange County or Los Angeles, if it is your first order and you spend $75.

But wait: It's also available in several stores and restaurants. For more information, roll like a boysenberry by The Bruery now.

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