The Creamsicle, Updated

Summer's old-school treat gets the cocktail treatment, at Nest at WP24.

While all foodstuffs have some amount of memory and nostalgia attached to them -- at least, if you've eaten them once -- there are some flavors and scents that rule the "remember when?" brain pathways more than others.

The smell and flavor of a stew cooked in a crockpot? That probably zaps a lot of people right back to childhood. How about a particular candy bar that regularly landed in your Halloween bucket? That, too.

And we'll wager the Creamsicle has a big place on the nostalgia roster for many of us.

Like Kleenex and Xerox, Creamsicle rocks a trademark and a capital letter. It's part of the Popsicle family and, nope, it doesn't always arrive with its quintessential orange-tart coating (grape and cherry are just two more types). But it is that vanilla-orange combo that's spawned perfumes, candles, and countless memories of enjoying the treat on a treat-melty day of a wayback August.

Which makes August the ideal time to decorate the on-a-stick dessert with National Day honors. August 14 is that date, and while all food nostalgists may plunk down on the front patio with a fresh-from-the-freezer box, there are other choices.

Creamsicle-flavored cupcakes pop up, with delightful regularity, at SoCal's cupcakeries, and Nest at WP24 downtown is serving up the icy sweet in two ways.

One? An on-the-stick dealie, but with lime as the theme. It's called the Kalamansi Creamsicle, and is it tangy? Please. It's practically law that all takes on the Creamsicle have to be a little tangy.

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And a strictly grown-up treat? It's the restaurant's Creamsicle Cocktail, which is stirred up with Absolut Vanilla vodka, orange juice, housemade simple syrup, and a dollop of whipped cream. Will you talk of days gone by while sipping it?

Truly, few cold goodies evoke the days gone by like a certain white-and-orange icebox-found rectangle on a stick.

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