The Donut Man's Famous Strawberry Treats Return

The celebrity of doughnuts is back on the shelves at the Glendora shop, but only for a limited time.

The Donut Man

What to Know

  • 915 E. Route 66 in Glendora
  • $4.75
  • The doughnuts were available at the shop into early fall in 2019

Signs can come in all forms, and sizes, and shapes, and hues, but when they take on the appearance of a certain seedy springtime superstar, you know that change is blowing our way.

Consider that Tanaka Farms in Irvine recently invited people to stop by to pick strawberries, while the contest to design the California Strawberry Festival poster is already closed (the fest happens in Oxnard in May).

But the biggest, gooiest, stickiest sign just arrived in Glendora, on the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 21.

That's when strawberry doughnuts returned to The Donut Man, and nothing further can enhance or festoon that completely perfect thought.

The Donut Man, the historic doughnut-making shop on Route 66, is known for several varieties of sweets, but the strawberry doughnuts are the ultimate celebrities at the walk-up-window'd venue.

Making fans rhapsodize about them even further? They're not available all the time. The doughnuts, which are packed with plump strawberries and lots of goozy strawberry goo, show up in wintertime, usually in late January or early February, but the 2020 debut feels even a pinch early.


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"Goozy," in this instance, is a complimentary term meaning gooey and oozy and sweet and delightful. You've eaten goozy goodies before, yes? Of course.

One strawberry doughnut? It's $4.75, so show with a tenner and buy one for you and for a treasured friend.

The Donut Man's also-celebrated peach doughnuts will arrive later in the year, do note. But here's something cheerful to chew upon: The decades-old pastry-perfecting place will soon open a second location at Grand Central Market in DTLA.

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