The Great American Pizza Party Has a Great Giveaway

Want to support your local pizzeria? Post a picture of your takeout pie and maybe-possibly win an arcade machine.


What to Know

  • Friday, April 17
  • Post a snapshot of your pizza, with a slice removed, and tag it
  • One winner will score a 60-game arcade machine

Have you been participating in The Great American Takeout over the last four Tuesdays?

Then you know all about this big-hearted, community-nice promotion, a nationwide push to show local restaurants our support and loyalty during this stay-at-home time.

Giveaways have been growing, too, courtesy of the eat-in event, with Coca-Cola sponsoring 100 $50 gift cards earlier this week, and one biggie of a card worth five grand.

Now here's a cheesy twist on the takeout-oriented event, and it isn't happening on a Tuesday, and we only mean "cheesy" in the meltiest and most marvelous sense.

For The Great American Pizza Party, an appetizing offshoot of The Great American Takeout, will take place on Friday, April 17. And Friday? It remains the pizza-est day of the week.

The giveaway this time around?

Oh hang on, this is really happening: It's an arcade machine, straight from Creative Arcades, one "loaded with 60 games." Rich Products and The Great American Takeout partnered on this giveaway.

If you'd like to be in the running for this whimsical addition to your home, just share a snapshot of your sauce-topped, cheese-good pie on social media.

The must-know?

You'll want to take the photo with a slice removed from the whole pie.

And there are the all-important tags to add, so pick those up here, faster than you're going to reach for that first slice. (Hint: The tags are #TheGreatAmericanPizzaParty and #Sweeps, and you are welcome to post on Instagram or Twitter.)

So how is your corner pizzeria, the hangout that has made you happy so many times, doing? Are they still open for takeout right now?

Order a sausage special, a Hawaiian pie o' bliss, something speckled with olives and mushrooms, or a plain cheese, if you please, and try for you chance at a home arcade machine.

All while helping out a local restaurant, which is the cherry on the sundae, or, if you prefer, the slice of pepperoni on this particularly nice pie.

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