The Great American Takeout to Spotlight Black-Owned Restaurants

At-home diners can peruse a plethora of amazing local restaurants on The Great American Takeout site or EatOkra app.

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What to Know

  • Thursday, June 11
  • Several businesses are listed on the site, including vegan eateries
  • The Great American Takeout also recommends the EatOkra app

Perhaps you've ordered in once or twice or a dozen times during the pandemic closures, all to show the restaurant down the street, or the eatery across town, that they have your business, thoughts, and continuing loyalty during the challenging moment of the coronavirus.

The Great American Takeout has been at the forefront of shining a light on a host of topical issues surrounding restaurants during this difficult time, with a campaign to keep our local dine-out spots robust and busy.

And the weekly event continues to help the restaurant industry, while sending support to the Black Lives Matter protesters standing tall for justice, awareness, and change.

In that spirit, The Great American Takeout will "Support Black-Owned Businesses" on Thursday, June 11.

"The Great American Takeout team stands in solidarity with the Black community and is committed to supporting and celebrating Black-owned businesses," states a message on the site.

"So on Thursday, June 11, we’re asking everyone in America to order a takeout or delivery meal from a Black-owned restaurant."

There's a roster of restaurants found around the country on the site, including several dozen located in Los Angeles. Vegan restaurants, too, have their own link.

The GAT team also recommends finding black-owned restaurants in your area via the EatOkra app.

Since The Great American Takeout began in March 2020, over $300,000 "for charities that support restaurant employees and their children."

Pictured: Nimbus Coffee in DTLA

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