The Marvelous Mysteries of Pasadena

Join a field trip and explore the offbeat aspects of the Crown City.

When you were a tot, how completely jump-off-the-walls sparkle-exciting was it to go on a field trip? 

You had a parent sign a form, a form you dutifully return to the teacher the following day without even being reminded. Then the trip itself consisted of a bus, the petting of some goats and/or watching how dimes get made, a carton of milk and cookie, then the drive back to school. Pure perfection.

We can still take field trips as adults, and, nope, you don't even have to ring up your mom to have her sign a form. Better yet, invite her along on Sunday, Sept. 15 as field trippers go exploring in Pasadena.

LA's own Obscura Society is hosting the event on behalf of Google in honor of its new Field Trip app.

And while there will not be the petting of goat nor the learning of how dimes get made, there will be time spent in the older heart of the Crown City. "(H)istorical characters, food samples, lawn bowling, trivia, discovery, and a time-traveling mystery" are all on the docket for discussion, theorizing about, and mulling over.

And, like all field trips, this one is free. Wait, does that deserve all caps? Please briefly glance away, if you're not an all-caps person (though we hope you'll make an exception for this nice word). This one is FREE.

An after-party at Castle Green will include clowns and magic. You know David Lynch has filmed there, yes? Anything else we could add to that fact would be merely gilding lilies but we will: It is one of the state's most beautiful and mysterious buildings. Engrave that in stone, if you like, because it really can't be quarreled with.

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It's a great day to enjoy some late-summer sunshine, some esoteric local froofafa (froofafa=stories of a colorful nature), and meet other urban explorers.

To register and get all the lowdown, click. Oh, and this is fun: Two field trips already happened in Brooklyn and London, and Seattle happens on the same day as SoCal. Good and interesting company, indeed, no? 

That "no?" was of course meant to be answered with a hearty, Southern California-loving "yes!" You may now shout that, complete with exclamation point, if you wish.

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