The New Cholula Burger Will Help No Kid Hungry

The limited-time Dog Haus special is available through June 30; a dollar from each burger sold will go to ending childhood hunger.

Dog Haus

What to Know

  • $8.99
  • $1 from each Cholula Burger will be donated to the organization
  • Dog Haus locations through June 30

Where's your bottle of Cholula at this exact moment?

Somewhere at the back of your pantry, near the unopened raspberry vinegar? On the counter, next to the coffeepot? Inches from your computer?

Held tightly in your hand, right now, as you read this sentence?

Those who chose Cholula at every meal know the iconic condiment isn't just for breakfast burritos. It is a heat-deep pour-on that improves everything, from French fries to green chile pie to a zesty cocktail.

And, at Dog Haus, at least through the end of June? There's a burger that's spiky with Cholula's spicy splendor. It is, in fact, called The Cholula Burger, and all Dog Haus locations will be selling it, and raising money, through June 30, 2020.

No Kid Hungry, the organization devoted to ending childhood hunger in America, is the beneficiary. Buy the burger via pick-up or delivery at your local Dog Haus, and know that a dollar will be donated to the charity.

Accoladed BBQ pit master Jessica Bograd, the brand chef for Cholula, created the piquant patty.

On your burger? Wait for it: The hearty, handhandable feast "... features an Angus beef patty, white American cheese, Cholula brown sugar bacon, Cholula onion jam, fried egg and Cholula mayo; served on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls."

Do you eat Cholula on absolutely everything? Sprinkled on sweets, atop eggs, and poured on anything that sits on a plate?

Find your burger bliss now, and help out an important organization, too.

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