The Original Farmers Market Is Serving a Corned Beef Classic

Magee's Kitchen, one of our city's longtime stops for celebratory St. Patrick's Day meals, has your 2021 holiday meal.

Original Farmers Market

What to Know

  • Third & Fairfax
  • Find the Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potatoes Plate at Magee's Kitchen, near the landmark's East Patio; the cost is $14.95
  • Other stalls have St. Patrick's Day eats, including holiday treats at Local Ice and Du-par's Restaurant

Seeking a little luck on St. Patrick's Day?

Sometimes that can arrive in the form of an appetizing dinner, the sort of goodie-packed plate that symbolizes a celebratory moment.

Celebratory moments have been synonymous with the Original Farmers Market for well over eight decades, as well as the celebration-ready foods that flavorfully telegraph that a major holiday is nigh.

And the public market's own Magee's Kitchen, a superb square-meal eatery that can trace its Southern California story back over a century, has long been a grub-good go-to for revelers come March 17 each year.

St. Patrick's Day 2021 will be a more muted affair, as people order out and pick-up their corned beef, minty milkshakes, and spirited ice cream.

But going the takeout route, or dining outdoors, is still a possibility, and longtime fans of the Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Potatoes Plate at Magee's Kitchen will do just that this St. Patrick's Day.

Craving a complementary dessert with your hearty holiday supper?

Stop by Du-par's Restaurant before you depart the market and order a Lucky Charms Milkshake or call upon Local Ice for an ice cream scoop that has St. Patrick's-style sweetness.

And at Market Tavern, one of the market's newer tenants? Bangers & Mash is on the menu, if that's your preference for a traditional, tum-filling temptation.

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