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The Roadium's Drive-In Films Add Cinematic Flair to Spring

More watch-from-your-car movies have been added to the Torrance market's schedule.

The Roadium

Taking the long view when it comes to our enduring and widely shared devotion to watching memorable movies?

Film fans are known for looking ahead months, if not years, to a cinematic event they're anticipating.

They look far down the road to a coming sequel, they keep a future summer in mind, if a favorite director is said to be helming a blockbuster, and knowing which kid flicks'll be out at the holidays is something to watch.

And if you're watching the local drive-in scene, to see which locations are keeping springtime cinema on the schedule, best keep an eye on The Roadium.

For the Torrance open-air market recently added a number of new movies to its roster, and, yep: There's already an offering in the early part of spring 2021.

A few things to note before you buy a ticket, which starts at $30 per car?

You'll need to remain inside your vehicle during the film, and if you need to step outside your car, a mask is a must-wear.

Looking for something heart-tuggable just ahead of Valentine's Day?

"The Notebook" will bring all the feels on Feb. 12. Family fare is prominent on the line-up, too, with "Lady & the Tramp" summoning doggone delights on Feb. 5.

And the movie that's showing up at the start of springtime? It's "Mean Girls" on March 26.

There are a few other gems on the schedule, so look at everything now before buying your ticket. Please review the safety guidelines, too, before making your purchase.

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