“The Walking Dead” Returns to Halloween Horror Nights

The hit AMC show makes it a threepeat at the Universal Studios Hollywood falltime event.

What's the barometer of a truly successful television series?

Does it constantly get renewed out of the gate, without much of a trial period? Is it the number of costumes, costumes that pay homage to the show's world, seen at Comic-Con? Or does it return as a murky maze at Halloween Horror Nights, the eerie-screamy Universal Studios Hollywood event, for three years in a row?

"The Walking Dead" qualifies on all counts, and some counts we've likely not listed. The AMC apocalypsean bitey fest continues to zoom on the up-and-up-and-up, ratings- and buzz-wise, which means that it has again been given a coveted spot on the Universal backlot for the third year.

The announcement was made in USA Today on Monday, June 9.

Greg Nicotero, an executive producer for "The Walking Dead," talks about the threepeat in a special video. "The fan response has been amazing, giving people a chance to walk into the world of 'The Walking Dead," says Mr. Nicotero.

"The greatest moments from season four" are ahead for the autumn 2014 outing. Does this mean a visit to Terminus? Um, eek.

The maze, whatever it includes, is set to show up both in Hollywood and Orlando. But, of course, with slightly different approaches, which means that some diehard fans visit both.

Ready to run from the walkers? Let's let Mr. Nicotero guide us through...

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