This Blueberry Pie Is Actually a Savory Pizza

The Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co.'s offbeat offering will be 50% off on National Pizza Day.

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co.

What to Know

  • Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. is at 2706 E. Cesar E. Chavez Avenue in Los Angeles
  • All pizzas, including the Blueberry Pie, will be 1/2 off on Feb. 9 (National Pizza Day)
  • Bacon and scallions are also part of the sweet-meets-savory creation

Hear the words "blueberry pie" and your mind might instantly roam to a windowsill or dessert case, the kind of places that might hold a crust-luscious, lattice-top, super-sweet treat.

But blueberries?

They're small, zingy, and complement all sorts of other flavors, so, yep: They can show up on all kinds of pies, even the cheesy, sauce-covered pizza kind.

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. is proving just that fun fact, thanks to upcoming "Blueberry Pie" special.

Good to note? This is a savory meal, mostly, thanks to the presence of bacon and scallions.

The tart part?

The sprinkling of blueberries supply that, but there's another quirky component to ponder: A drizzle of honey that's on the kickier side.

For sure, there's a lot going on here, but if you've been wanting to branch out, pizza-wise, from your go-to pepperoni or sausage, the Blueberry Pie could be the slice-strong path you've been seeking.

Call it a conversation piece that's is easy to eat.

And added temptation to try it? It will be 50% off on Tuesday, Feb. 9, which is National Pizza Day.

In fact, all of the pies at the Boyle Heights-based pizzeria will be half-off in honor of the pizza-perfect holiday, in case you'd like to try the also-new Carnitas Pie or Roasted Spicy Tomato Pie.

But something that is far sweeter than any blueberry? The restaurant's big-hearted outlook.

Brooklyn Ave. Pizza Co. "... will also be participating in Slice Out Hunger’s 'Pizza Across America' campaign benefitting the Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory, with a donation of 10+ pies to help locals in need," is the good news.

Once you have your Blueberry Pie in hand, you're welcome to display it on the windowsill or place it wherever you stow desserts in your kitchen, if you like.

But surely you and your family will eat it quickly, as fast as you might devour a deliciously gooey blueberry pie?

Oh blueberries, you truly can and do pop up, and easily please, in just about any dish, be it dinner or dessert.

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