This Corgi Paint ‘Pawty' Has a Shamrockin' Theme

Lucky us: Corgis (and their people) are invited to this creative, pre-holiday happening in Long Beach.


What to Know

  • MADE by Millworks in Long Beach
  • $45


Are you living life alongside a corgi?

Then you likely feel pretty darn lucky, every day of the year, thanks to the fact that there's a pettable pot of gold in your life, an adorable animal that is always putting a rainbow in your heart.

But when St. Patrick's Day grows closer, and the subject of good fortune and favor is in the air, corgi enthusiasts may choose to pause and honor their little luck-bringer, the furry being that brings so much happiness into their home.

A whimsical way to do just that?

Put a brush to canvas and paint a corgi-themed artwork, one that has several mirthful nods to St. Patrick's Day.

You can do so on Saturday, March 14 when other fans of the squat 'n sweet pooches get together at MADE by Millworks in Long Beach for a paint session, one that also include a glass of craft beer or wine or beverage sans alcohol.

The St. Paddy's Day Corgi Paint Pawty is a way to celebrate the holiday without actually going out on the holiday, if that's not your vibe. Plus? How often can you invite your dog along to a St. Patrick's Day to-do?

Rarely, if ever. So, you bet: Tell your corgi to don her favorite green bow tie, because she's an honored guest.

Nabbing a St. Patrick's Day goodie, in addition to your libation, the canvas and paint supplies, and your entry to the canine craic?

That's happening, too.

Oh yes: And you'll want to wear green, or at least dress festively, and that goes for your Fido, too.

If you can't make this merry affair, one that gives you the chance to create, then take home, a corgi-rainbow-pot of gold masterpiece, stay tuned: The famous SoCal Corgi Beach Day is coming up on April 4, and it has an '80s theme.

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