This Long Beach Eatery Now Has ‘Drive-In Dining'

Noble Bird Rotisserie invites guests to dine in their cars, or next to their cars, atop the 2ND & PCH parking deck.

Noble Bird Rotisserie

Note: Drive-In Dining is cancelled, but Noble Bird Rotisserie is still available for takeout or pick-up orders.

Parking deck-based happenings?

We're no stranger to such airy, under-the-sky events around Southern California.

After all, a number of outdoor film screenings and social gatherings have taken place on the upper levels of various garages around the region, from The Grove to DTLA.

Now a different sort of scene is coming to the top of the 2ND & PCH parking deck in Long Beach, thanks to Noble Bird Rotisserie.

The restaurant, which debuted near the start of 2020, is now offering guests "Drive-In Dining" atop the outdoor parking deck at 2ND & PCH.

The address correctly suggests that it is a nice spot to catch the sunset. And if you're not there exactly when the sun meets the ocean at the end of the day? You can still admire the marina and plenty of boats in the distance.

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How does this new approach to serving customers work exactly?

"Guests can call the restaurant at 562-431-0445 to reserve two numbered parking stalls (to ensure proper social distancing) and a meal will be brought out directly to guests."

Diners are welcome to either enjoy their meal while sitting in their car or to show with their own pop-up table and chairs or blankets and eat immediately adjacent to their vehicle, just as long as social distancing is well-observed.

It's a prix fixe meal, built around a rotisserie chicken, as you may have guessed. There are also a trio of sides (heirloom tomato, watermelon and prosciutto salad; street corn; and mushrooms and shaved Brussels sprouts), as well as a half baguette to add some bread-based joy.

And for dessert? It's chocolate cake.

Beverages? Those are available for an additional cost.

The cost is $60, there's enough food for two to four guests, and reservations are available Friday through Sunday evenings.

Still feeling like you'd like to pick up your rotisserie chicken and dine at home? There's Noble Bird meal kit for $40, one made for takeout or delivery. Get all of the delicious details here.

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