This New Carrot Cake Is Lush With Olive Oil Oomph

It's the newest treat "Bomb Ass" goodie from Little House Confections.

Little House Confections/Catherine McQueen

What to Know

  • Little House Confections
  • $32 for the 6", $46 for the 9"
  • 8022 W. 3rd St. (pick-up and delivery available)

A couple of carrots and a splash of extra virgin olive oil?

It's not all that unusual to see the colorful cruncher and the classic condiment meeting up in the kitchen, all to deliver plenty of panache-filled flavor to a savory dish.

Add a drizzle of EVOO to a warm pan, and chopped garlic, and perhaps some thyme, and a handful of carrot coins, and you're well on your way to the creation of a hearty side or a piquant complement to pork chops, chicken or a roast.

The place where carrots and olive oil don't meet up all that often, though? The cake plate, the dessert pan, or the sweet shelf, the place where you stow your after-dinner delectables.

For while the richness of the oil and the brightness of the carrot seem like a perfect pairing for a post-supper treat, they are mainly used, in tandem, for a main and often meaty course.

That's changing on West Third, at Little House Confections, a shop known for its "Bomb Ass" olive oil cakes.

Carrot cake is the newest addition to the bakery's ever-growing pastry-meets-olive-oil line-up, and you can find it in two different sizes, with the small, a 6-incher, priced at $32.

So what's inside the offbeat gateau, beyond the headlining root vegetable and pressed olive goodness?

Both oranges (of the fresh-squeezed variety) and orange zest add extra kapow to the treat's cakey character. Vanilla, two types of sugar, and other traditional cake ingredients are also folded into the flavorful concoction.

Here's your next choice: The Bombest Olive Oil Carrot Cake can be baked without gluten, so be sure to specify "regular" or "gf" when you order.

Oh yes: And pick-up and delivery are both available.

It's true that carrots and olive oil work well together in a main dish, especially when onions or tomatoes or sprightly herbs are along for the saucy ride.

But perhaps this duo is about to dominate the dessert category as well.

For sure, traditional carrot cakes will always loom large in our sweet-loving minds, but the addition of olive oil only ups the carrot cake's lovely lushness, adding deeper tones to beloved temptation.

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