This Spooky Story Box Boasts Eats and Eeks

The "Welcome Home" box, created by the LA-based Shine On Collective, gives you a tale to untangle and a tasty meal, too.

Shine On Collective

What to Know

  • Available on Oct. 23 and 24 for delivery in select zip codes or Culver City pick-up
  • A hot dinner is part of the package, as well as a box full of items that will help you detangle a mystery
  • $80 (plus tax) two-person package, $120 (plus tax) four-person package

Moving into a new place has its built-in thrills, but sometimes strange signs are left by the people who previously occupied the space, the sort of mysterious mementos that make you wonder about the home you're newly occupying.

It's a widely shared real-life experience, the act of moving but still feeling slightly unsettled.

Shine On Collective, an LA-based, female-helmed theater collective, just took that commonly shared life moment and ran with it, adding some October-style enigmas and imaginative puzzles to untangle.

The result? "Welcome Home," an at-home immersive experience that includes both a mystery and a meal.

The meal you'll enjoy was created by chef Rolan Pongpuntara of Side Kitch Catering, and you can bet the appetizing elements were inspired by the story that accompanies the food.

And that tantalizing tale?

It's found inside your "Welcome Home" box, which looks perfectly innocent at first glance.

But when you open it?

You'll "... (j)ourney into a ghost story as you unravel secrets, solve mysteries, listen in on phone conversations," all built around the theme of moving into somewhere new and not quite having your bearings just yet.

How to proceed once you're inside the story?

You'll want to "(e)xplore letters, audio and found objects that have been thoughtfully designed to guide you through a narrative world. No pesky Zoom meeting necessary."

Eager to procure your hot dinner and a made-in-LA activity that boasts the unsettling but fictional feels we often seek in October?

The team will be delivering to select zip codes on Oct. 23 and 24. It's also available for pick-up in Culver City.

Reserving your experience ahead of time is essential, much in the way you'd scout a potential new home or neighborhood ahead of moving there.

But what if you moved and things in your new place seemed a little... odd? Enter the world of "Welcome Home," if you're feeling brave, bold, and curious about one of the newest at-home immersive experiences this season.

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