Union Station's Holiday Tour Has Twinkle

The holidays and history meet-up at the train-famous landmark.

What to Know

  • Nov. 21, Dec. 6, 13, and 20
  • 5-6:30 p.m.
  • $15 general public

The train station, as a fictional holiday setting, is right up there with Santa's workshop and a woodsy ice skating rink, in terms of popular film settings.

But unlike ice rinks, and the North Pole, screenwriters incorporate the handsome hubs of travel to show people coming together, and occasionally parting, which ups the general emotion in any Christmas flick.

Which means we have so many feels about those hallowed places where rails, and, more importantly, people meet at the holidays.

To plug into our shared heartspace, and to up our general sense of train-loving cheer, LA Conservancy will lead a quartet of holiday tours at none other than Union Station.

We say "none other" because no train destination is none-other-ier than our city's own Spanish Colonial Revival-Art Deco citadel o' adventure, the queen of Alameda, the high-ceiling'd star of the silver screen.

And when Union Station is decked out in some of its holiday finery?

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Well, wowza.

And if you need more wowza in your world, you'll certainly soak some of that wowza in during the 90-minute tour, which will include history, facts, and film tidbits in the walk-around, as well as some holiday brightness.

And, don't sweat it, fret, or worry: That grand Waiting Room, which may be the most cinematic interior space in all of Southern California, is on the itinerary.

Yes, we just dropped a "most" on you there, but if you can't most about the Union Station Waiting Room, what can you most about? Really?

The Holidays at Union Station Walking Tour is fifteen bucks, and if you join one of the Decembertime events? The station's free Cocoa Concerts will rev up right after your tour ends, so do stick around.

But if you can't wait for December to love upon the ol' U.S., then book your ticket for Nov. 21, which is exactly one week before Thanksgiving, and a fine way to choo-choo into the beginning of the holidays.

The rest of the tours will be on Friday nights.

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