Vampire Pizza Returns With New At-Home Experiences

The interactive package, which includes a meal and a mystery, is inviting inquisitive Angelenos to the "Vampire Revolution."

Vampire Pizza

What to Know

  • The "EATertainment food delivery service" is launching a new "interactive Halloween mission"
  • Starts Oct. 1, 2021; you can pick up your meal and mission dossier from a few eateries around town (or opt for delivery in certain zip codes)
  • The missions are priced at $29 per person (when picking up); prices may vary

When you think of the words "vampire" and "dinner," you might conjure up the image of a castle's vast dining hall, a cold place bedecked with velvet banners and suits of armor, and a long table lined with elegant plates and crystal decanters.

And the notion of actually meeting a vampire for dinner as he begins his day, er, night? Such a scenario might unsettle even the most devoted maven of monster stories.

But what if your vampire-inspired dinner could take place in your own home, with a tasty supper in the spotlight? And, while eating, you spent time, between bites, unknotting a mystery inspired by the infamous children of the night?

That can happen, now that Vampire Pizza is returning to Los Angeles in time for the Halloween season.

The "EATertainment" service debuted in 2020, giving people dining at home during the early part of the pandemic the opportunity to enjoy both a fun foodstuff and a frightful interactive storyline, one that could be discussed at the dinner table.

Now the vamps are back in town, all to deliver a couple of different "chapters" to at-home adventurous types looking for pizza, challenges, and to "Get Trick or Treated."

The first mission, called "Chapter 1: Welcome to the Vampire Revolution"? It has been created for all ages. You'll make your own vampire character and untangle a host of challenges.

If you choose the second mission, dubbed "Chapter 2: The Case of the Missing Vamp"? The vampy vibe draws its charm from the 1920s, and involves discovering a secret identity. This mission has been imagined for participants who are ages 10 and older.

Your meal is available for delivery (in certain areas) or pick-up, and arrives with both dinner and your dossier, which will include everything you need to begin your mission.

Good to know?

Vampires may live for thousands of years, but both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 will take around 60 minutes to solve. And while castles are sometimes full of vampiric figures, you'll want to have a maximum of six people at the table for whatever mission you choose.

There's more to know, about the collecting of BiteCoins (yes, BiteCoins), what each mission will entail, and what you'll need to play.

Adding allure to this at-home adventure? You could win a monstrously marvelous prize. Those ghoulish goodies include tickets to the Los Angeles Haunted Hayride, MadCap Motel, or an Oculus Quest 2.

But wait: You might also be awarded a "trick," one that arrives at your house in the hands of a vampire. Eek? Eek.

Still feeling brave? Then find your inner fortitude and read more here.

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