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Vegan Oktoberfest: Plant-Based Fall Fun

The brats are vege and good beer is on the pour.

While a rollicking Oktoberfest is often remembered for how much let-loose dancing was done, and how many steins were held high during various contests, and how close a partier got to sit next to the musician wielding the accordion, the centerpiece is, let's be frank(furter), the food.

And that food, as often, is all about the meat, through and through, from schnitzel, that classic veal dish, to the brats served in buns, the edible typically seen alongside a pint of beer.

Of course, there are devoted Oktoberfestians who pass on the bratwursts and the brisket and the veal and the meatballs, but who do not want to pass at the chance to take part in a falltime ritual. But where to find such a meat-free festivity, one that includes opportunities to spread one's wings in the annual Chicken Dance without encountering chicken or beef?

It's Vegan Oktoberfest Los Angeles, and it twirls into Los Angeles Center Studios on Saturday, Oct. 15. And while several elements will be essential to the rhythm of the day, this seems to be the most important: Tickets will not be sold there, so you'll need to secure your admission before shopping for that dirndl you want to wear.

On the fill-up-the-tum front? Prepare to nosh at Millie's Vegan Gelato, The Green Truck, Mandoline Grill, and more. The beer brigade includes Eel River Brewing Co., Pacific Plate Brewing Company, Wandering Aengus Cider, and several other libation creators who shall support the fall feeling via a host of refreshments.

Keep something refreshing close, for you may need to quench that thirst after linking arms with someone and swinging to The Munich Boomsteiners and the other acts slated to play the day.

October is nearly half over, and the chance to 'fest it up, in the "roll out the barrels"-esque style of the season is drifting away on the wind, like so many freshly fallen leaves.

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To do so sans the schnitzel, but with a host of vegan bites, is a rare chance, so postpone the dirndl shopping for the briefest moment and buy your ticket now.

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