Ventura County Fair's Happy Return Is the Squeal Deal

Super-cute animals, free rodeo entry, a carnival atmosphere, and Pacific breezes: "The Country Fair with Ocean Air" is back after two years off.


What to Know

  • The "VC Fair Rides Again" through Aug. 14, 2022
  • Ventura County Fairgrounds
  • $15 adult admission; $10 child admission (ages 6 to 12; kids 5 and under admitted free); $10 senior admission (65+)

A squeal can indicate the presence of several emotions, from a squeal of delight at something surprising to the squeal we make when we have a secret to share with a good buddy.

But squealing can also involve the sounds that barnyard animals make at a county fair, where squealing, and baaing, and bleating, and the neighs of ponies can instantly summon us, as can the little squeals emitted by little piglets sharing a comfy pen with their mama.

But if you want to talk about a "squeal deal," then you may be discussing the return of a popular event, one that hasn't shone, sung, nor squealed since 2019.

It's the Ventura County Fair, also known as "The Country Fair with Ocean Air" thanks to its pretty proximity to the Pacific.

Indeed, it is back at the Ventura County Fairgrounds for another multi-day run, one that will keep families entertained, music fans rocking, and rodeo buffs cheering through Aug. 14.

The 2022 spectacular opened on Aug. 3, and it is trotting into a busy first weekend, one that has several goings-on, from concerts (Blue Öyster Cult is the headliner on Aug. 6 while La Arrolladora Banda Limon, Los Parras, and Jesus Ojeda are in the spotlight on Aug. 7) to the Best Cheeseburger Contest to dance performances, cool competitions, hypnotism presentations, craft displays, and cooking demos.

As for what's ahead of the fair's second weekend?

The popular Rodeo Days will be "extended" in 2022, reports the fair's organizers, and entry is free with your fair admission.

By the by, enjoying concerts is also free with your paid admission to the fair, too.

And Military Appreciation Day? That's scheduled for Aug. 11 ("all persons with military ID are FREE on this day," vows the fair's team).

Checking out the full calendar of everything happening before you go?

It's a good idea, as good an idea as watching for dolphin sightings, out in the ocean, when you reach the top of the Ferris wheel.

It isn't often that a Ferris wheel ride can grant such gorgeous views, but this sweet and salty-of-air fair is a stand-out on several fronts, including all of the free entertainment it provides guests.

Learn more, find out about securing your ticket, and check up to see what is happening and when, from those fun 'n free concerts to the second-weekend Rodeo Days.

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