Vinos + Views: Barnsdall Wine Series Opens

Go to the top of the Hollyhock hill for vino, conversation, and views, each summer Friday night.

If we told you to go to the ultimate, highest, nearest-to-the-sky point in Southern California, would you immediately glance in the direction of the skyscrapers downtown? Maybe Mount Baldy? Maybe the Matterhorn? Or maybe LAX, where a plane could help you rise higher than even those very high things?

Or you would have a snappy retort ready, a response along the lines of "which highest point"? Because every neighborhood has one, even those nearest to sea level. 

'Round about the Hollywood-Los Feliz nexus, Barnsdall Art Park pretty much fulfills that highest-point-a-tude, and even if it isn't the highest-highest point in the area, it feels like it, on a lovely Friday night, with the Hollywood Sign in view and a large swath of the twinkly city, too.

Enter the annual Wine Tasting Fundraiser, the every-summer-Friday-night to-do that helps stir up support for the foundation at the park via a line-up of vinos, and tours of Frank Lloyd Wright's masterful Hollyhock House, too.

It opens on Friday, June 9 and bids us adieu once more on Sept. 22, 2017.

Silverlake Wine is once again behind the bottles, KCRW is helming the soundscape, and food trucks'll park nearby to give wine-sippers a chance to nab some sustenance of the taco, sandwich-y, everything-delicious variety.

Micro pop-ups from The Cheese Store of Silverlake, another Barnsdall Art Park staple, and Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream are also in store.

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The gist? Be 21, or older, and make sure all of your buds are, too. Prepare to pay $35 for the tasting, and, should you want a tour of that splendid, beyond-iconic house that serves as the wine tasting's backdrop, buy a ticket for $50, which covers both your Hollyhock walk-around and your sips, too.

The highest point around? Okay, it's definitely not Barnsdall Art Park, no matter how hill-mazing and prominent it might be. The U.S. Bank Tower and even the Matterhorn Bobsleds do best it on that point.

But you can't help but feel a little view-blessed, and nearer to the sky, when it is the end of the week, and you're quaffing a delightfully dry chardonnay, all while in the shadow of the Hollyhock House, and by "shadow" we're simply being poetical, for it will be evening and you'll be lounging in the final rays of the day's sun.

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