Warner Bros. Tour: SoCal Deal Is Back

Tour the famous Burbank studio while saving lots of dough.

What to Know

  • Warner. Bros Studio Tour
  • Through Dec. 16, 2018
  • SoCalers save $18 off general admission

While a fresh television series can start up during any month of the year, in these channel-tastic, show-saturated modern days, facts are facts: September is still the launch-iest stretch of the calendar for the small screen.

It's when TV viewers regularly dedicate time to checking out the new crop, or at least those intriguing shows that pique their curiosity.

And, if TV has been piquing your interest for awhile now, chances are solid that you know the Warner Bros. Studio back lot as well as you know the buttons on your remote.

But have you ever pondered journeying through the screen, into the very places you've seen in dozens of iconic shows and films? If you have, then you know that there's an in-depth tour that can take you there.

And if you know about the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood, then you know that a significant ticket discount created for people who live around Southern California pops up, with delightful frequency, all to give locals a chance to call upon the SoCal spot where all of this TV and movie magic is made.

That lovely locals' discount is on now, through Dec. 16, 2018.

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The savings? It's eighteen bucks off general admission, for SoCalers, oh yeah. So your ticket is $49.99.

Consider this your passage price to seeing where "Pretty Little Liars," "Friends," "Ellen," and so many other hits have been set or filmed.

Costume viewing, too, is a major part of the tour experience, as is a lot of Harry Potter-style magic, at Stage 48, the prop- and display-packed finale to the tour.

So, what new TV shows are you checking out this fall? Best ponder a visit to a place where a lot of new TV shows have originated over the years, at a SoCal-sweet discount, through mid-December.

Just check out the need-to-knows to snag a local's ticket to the famous Burbank-based factory o' on-screen story-makery. 

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