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Whisker Wow: Beard Battle LA

Have a 'stache worth shouting about? Make for North Hollywood.

Movember may be a few months away — it starts promptly on the first of November, as its name strongly suggests — but that doesn't mean you can't work on your marvelous mustachery and show it off, too, to fans who like a bit of fantastic fur upon a face.

The Gentleman's Social Club of Los Angeles celebrates beard-growing and mustache-maintaining in all of its stylish and creative forms, and it takes a day out each year to host "the largest beard and mustache competition in Southern California."

That day in 2016 is Saturday, Aug. 6, and the arena where the Beard Battle will go down, with dazzling facial fabulousness? The Federal Bar in North Hollywood.

Not only will you be able to admire various handlebars and goatees, but you can show to support the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, the beneficiary of the hirsute occasion.

Cash donations will be accepted, and canned foodstuffs, too. Show with two cans, or some cash to give, or both, and you'll be entered in a raffle for "awesome prizes provided by local companies." 

Even if you have no whiskers to speak of at the moment, you can spectate, which is twelve bucks. If you do have a Dali or Imperial or other 'stache you're working on (or beard, too, natch), there are several categories to enter, from "Business Beard" to "Full Beard Over '12" to "Natural Mustache." Peruse all for prices, rules, and such.

As for taking part in the Whiskerina? The women's competition is all about creating a stupendous beard or mustache out of something offbeat or creative ("faux hair" is permitted here, but competitors are invited to think outlandishly, materials-wise).

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You may be grooming your 'stache soon while raising funds for men's health, the purpose at the heart of Movember, but you can show off beardly look, or handlebar'd handsome-o-sity, in North Hollywood in early August, and for an important cause, too.

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