You Can Again Dine-in at Philippe's

New protocols to encourage "safe social distancing" are in place at the Alameda Street landmark.

Philippe the Original

What to Know

  • 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
  • Occupancy is limited for dine-in; new safety measures are in place
  • Non-cash payments preferred

So many famous foodstuffs have tastily stood the test of time, including some savory stalwarts right here in Southern California.

Take the French Dip, which can trace its au jus-flavored beginnings back to the start of the last century 'round these French Dip-loving parts.

It's a sandwich that has weathered on, thanks to its meaty character, its soft, dippable bread, and the fact that a dollop of hot mustard makes the whole production a tspicy symphony for the mouth.

The French Dip at Philippe the Original, the historic restaurant that sits a skip and a jump from Union Station, has dipped on through the decades, including throughout the early months of the coronavirus closures.

That's because the beloved landmark remained open for takeout and delivery, mostly, through the first weeks of the closure, even offering a new Family Meal Pack for at-home dining.

While takeout and delivery remain in place, fans can now return to dining at the corner spot, all while knowing a number of new safety policies have been established.

You can read more here.

Dine-in reopened on June 8, but it won't be the boisterous, pre-game, fill-up-a-room scene that you've known and enjoyed from past visits, at least for now.

The number of dine-in guests will be limited, and doors and windows will remain open.

The restaurant is also asking its patrons to make non-cash payments, if possible.

And while a number of local eateries have reopened dine-in services with limited hours, meaning early-in-the-evening closing times, Philippe's will remain open through to 10 o'clock daily.

Review what has changed at Philippe's, and what you should know before you go, all while remaining assured that your favorite French Dip remains the same.

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