Zoo Lights: A Very Animated New Year's Eve

Watch "Shrek the Halls," "A Merry Madagascar," and more on the final day of the year.

What's the ultimate way to spend a New Year's Eve?

That's a question with as many answers as how someone likes their pizza toppings, but bet that a lot of people would love a happy hybrid of home and public for their Dec. 31 celebration.

In short? How optimal it would be to enjoy a movie, like you would from your couch, but do it among other party people, at a festive spot, the better to welcome in the new year right.

LA Zoo is going that hybrid-y route with a special Wednesday, Dec. 31 event. Yep, Zoo Lights is still on -- the lit-up trees and LED sparkle-show has drawn over 150,000 visitors so far in its inaugural season -- but there'll be an added element come New Year's Eve: films.

Make that animated films, all from Dreamworks. For sure, Shrek shall be in the house -- or, um, zoo -- with "Shrek the Halls." "A Merry Madagascar," "Dragons Gift of the Night Fury," and "Kung Fu Panda Holiday" are all in the lively line-up. 

"There are no set screening times" so look for the movies to start up throughout the evening. Oh, and the evening is an early one, given the family-sweet mood of the night: The movies will show between 6 and 10 p.m., giving attendees lots of time to tuck up in bed before midnight (or get home for a second NYE-style celebration).

Do we need to even say dress warmly in this oh-so-chilly week? Don that scarf you opened on Christmas, and maybe another one on top of that. 

Do we need to reveal when Zoo Lights will wrap it up for the season? That date is soon: Sunday, Jan. 4, so if you're going get your glow on, best do it in the days ahead.

Should we speculate how charming it might be to watch playful, talking beasties where beasties truly live? We'll wager the charm factor is pretty fierce. 

Two scarves, though. And a hat. Wool, maybe. Good? Good.

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