Zzzzz, er, See Big Films at The Bed Cinema

The offbeat August pop-up is headed for Venice.

What to Know

  • Venice Beach
  • August 2019
  • A limited-time experience; check at The Bed Cinema site for coming details

For a long, long time, movie mavens have been attempting to recreate cinema-style conditions in their own homes.

The wall-filling screens? The comfy, high-end movie seats? A pantry stocked with classic concession treats? Numerous places of residences have such over-the-top features, with a few places even boasting dedicated screening rooms.

But perhaps the pendulum has also been swinging the other way, as pendulums tend to do.

We're longing for some of the comforts of home, during our theater-going experiences, and nothing quite says "home" like an actual bed to stretch out in, as the opening titles begin.

If you've craved a movie-watching experience involving a mattress, one that can hold three people, outside of your bedroom, with pillows, you're in some kind of luck: The Bed Cinema is popping up this August in Venice Beach.

Nope, "bed" here isn't a euphemism for some sort of kick-back seating. It's a bed.

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The offbeat night at the movies, which is billed as "The World's Most Comfortable Outdoor Cinema," will feature "... 150+ double beds complete with pillows, blankets, and LED-lit bedside tables."

And, yes, "(e)ach bed can accommodate three people."

You say the stretching out in a supine fashion isn't your cinematic jam? Arriving with a picnic blanket for the series of "blockbuster" movies is a-ok, too.

Quirky though it is, The Bed Cinema isn't new. Bed-based movie theaters have popped up around the planet in recent years, with comfy examples found everywhere from Korea to England.

And beds are making a snoozing, we mean showing, at other cultural events. Composer Max Richter performed an eight-hour lullaby in 2018 for people resting upon cots in Grand Park. 

How to remain up on the films set to roll at The Bed Cinema, and tickets, dates, and details, too?

Enter your email here, and be prepared to have a little bit of that homey comfort, on Venice Beach, as you enjoy an alfresco flick this summer.

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