Call Upon the ‘Spooky Zoo' in Santa Barbara

Visitors are invited to wear their costumes to the animal park over the final two weeks of October.

Santa Barbara Zoo

CRITTERS IN COSTUME? They don't need to slip into anything furry or covered in feathers, for they're already rocking beautiful spots and stripes and whiskers and fluff. But we humans do like to emulate the animals we love, and we often do so, via a host of charming outfits, when Halloween grows near. If you didn't dress as a cat as a kid for Halloween, you might have been a dog or a bear or a bird or some rare lizard you absolutely adored. But if you never dressed as any of those particular beasties during your childhood Halloweens, there's still time to find your inner meower, barker, roarer, or chirper, especially if you plan on visiting the Santa Barbara Zoo over the second half of October 2020. For that's when the...

SPOOKY ZOO... will pop up at the spacious and open-air animal park. Unlike past years, and other Halloween-themed zoo events you might have known elsewhere, the Spooky Zoo isn't a busy festival but rather a relaxed expression of Halloween joy, one that will feature a series of zoo-mazing photo opportunities around the zoo as well as decorations described as "frightfully fun." Also frightfully fun? Guests are invited to dress up for their visit, meaning you can wear your best big cat get-up when you call upon the Amur Leopards or rock your whiskers in honor of the zoo's Island Foxes. Will there be safety protocols in place? You bet, so plan on social distancing, wearing your face covering, and honoring all the zoo's policies.

FOR MORE ON TIMES, days, admission prices, and what to expect on this sweet and safe way to savor both the season and Santa Barbara Zoo, click. The outdoor happening woofs/chirps/purrs from Oct. 16 through 31.

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