Disneyland's Spicy Milk Is Out of This Galaxy

Galaxy's Edge, that is. The new Toydaria Swirl is taking the cosmic Anaheim land by Storm(trooper).

David Nguyen/Disneyland Resort

FLYING THE MILLENNIUM FALCON... through a space field that's absolutely crowded with huge asteroids? It's an experience that can really build up a person's thirst. As can dealing with a throng of testy droids, or a broken Landspeeder, or any of the issues a member of the Resistance regularly has to face. But there are ways to find a bit of refreshment, the sort of sippable treat that has a bit of spice, the sort of spice that adds zing to your spacebound adventures. And for people calling upon Batuu, inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, inside Disneyland park, in Anaheim, California, there's a zingy new goodie that is both spicy and creamy. It's the Toydaria Swirl, and it can be found where you buy the now-famous Green Milk and Blue Milk, two drinks that are synonymous with Black Spire Outpost.

THE TOYDARIA SWIRL... does have the hue of the Green Milk, yes, as you may have accurately noted. That's because it is Green Milk, but with added flair and flavor. The red swirl through the cup? It's a chili lime seasoning, one that's described as "savory," but there's more to it, so hang onto your lightsaber. Mango jelly also adds some fruity kick, making the Toydaria Swirl a drink for those travelers looking for a beverage that's as big on taste as a star-filled sky. So you like your libations to be as lively as BB-8 on a fast, downhill roll? Best head for the Milk Stand, before calling upon Rise of the Resistance, Oga's Cantina, or another Galaxy's Edge locale, for your first creamy-but-caliente taste of the new Toydaria Swirl.

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