The Rosy Oyster: Hollywood Roosevelt New

Hankering for some swanky bivalve tastiness? There's a fresh spot in Tinseltown for just that.

MILLENNIAL PINK, that lively blush hue that's seen everywhere nowadays, from magazine spreads to trendy outfits to foods like ice cream, didn't just spring out of the blue — er, pink — back in 2015 or '16. It's a sweet shade that has retro roots in the '60s and 1970s, specifically the 1970s of Los Angeles. Pink shag carpeting, bright pink caftans, and all manner of ruddy-toned cocktails and appetizers once held stylish sway, making the the flush-fun tint all the hip rage back in the day. The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel was around during that era, and we're not even going to throw down a spoiler alert on that, as you likely know its history, for in but a few years the storied Hollywood Boulevard landmark will celebrate its big 100th. And to lightly tap into some of that '70s pink, palm-pretty energy, with a dose of bivalve chic, the hotel recently debuted a new seafooderie with the catchy handle of...

THE ROSY OYSTER: For sure, a certain briny superstar takes a prominent place on the menu, as well as other water-borne bites like ahi tuna tartare, mini lobster toast, and California halibut crudo. As for the oysters themselves, though? Nab a half dozen for $21, and select from a luscious line-up, including Marin miyagi, Kumamoto, Beau soleil, and Wellfleet. A bevy of piquant complements, including horseradish, are available, as are wines intriguingly selected by sommelier Lelañea Fulton. Slurping is pretty mandatory, when dining in an oyster-cool hideaway, but be sure to take in the environs as you oyster-up, which include illustrations, here and there, from artist Amit Greenberg, lush palm wallpaper, nature-inspired imagery, and a spot that's steps away from one of SoCal's most starry swimming holes, The Tropicana Pool. The dates? You'll want to backstroke on by for your bivalves Tuesdays through Saturdays.

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