Titanic Photographs: Queen Mary Exhibit

"Almost 100 period photographs" are on display at the Long Beach landmark.

IT'S A COMMON QUESTION... for visitors to the Queen Mary to ask, and an understandable one, too: "Was the 1997 movie 'Titanic' filmed at the Long Beach ocean-liner?" It was not, though thinking that the Queen Mary looks quite similar to photographs of the Titanic is a plausible thought, given some of their shared features. But the fact remains that the Titanic sailed in 1912 and the Queen Mary, a much larger ship, has roots in the 1930s. Still, the two are forever paired in many minds, given that the Titanic remains the most legendary of passenger ships, with little quibble. If you consider yourself something of a scholar of the storied and tragic ship, which sank in the North Atlantic after meeting an iceberg in April 1912, further filling out your photographic knowledge of the time, and how the vessel appeared to those aboard and those on shore, is likely a pursuit you regularly seek out. Seek no more, or, rather, turn your sights upon the Queen Mary, where...

"ALMOST 100 PERIOD PHOTOGRAPHS... are displayed" in the recently debuted "Titanic in Photographs: The Exhibition." It's a "comprehensive, educational view of one of the most memorable moments in history," and exhibit visitors can take a peek at the Turkish Bath & Swimming Pool, the 1st Class Lounge, that famous sweeping staircase, and several other locations around the Titanic, many that aren't readily portrayed in the most commonly seen photos of the voyage. Who was behind the camera? Robert Welch, the professional photographer representing the shipbuilding outfit Harland & Wolff, as well as "period press photographers & passengers on board Titanic and the rescue ship, Carpathia." The photos are complemented by other Titanic-related items in the Queen Mary exhibit. A host of artifacts in display cases, including silver, light fixtures, and even some chairs, are found near the photographs of the ship.

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