Wow Over the Wildflowers of Gold Country

Railtown 1897's Wildflower Train will again roam the rails over two April weekends.

Railtown 1897

WHEN WE THINK OF SPRING BLOSSOMS, a number of hues may "spring" immediately to mind. Pink may flutter through your brainspace first, thanks to all of the tulips and camellias that pop up even before the season arrives. You might picture a creamy white, due to the buds that form along the branches of fruit trees come March, or even orange, thanks to those ubiquitous and amazing poppies. But does the color of gold seem like spring to you? Maybe not at first thought, but consider that Gold Country is a spectacular center for all sorts of sweet springtime blossoms. There are several hiking trails and small towns to visit when April arrives, if you'd love your fill of meadowfoam and goldfields, two examples of the local flora. Or if you'd like a more vintage experience, there is...

RAILTOWN 1897, the historic railway based in Jamestown. The State Historic Park is a hub for old-timey train action, and fans regularly choo-choose to visit throughout the year. But in the spring? It's all about the Wildflower Train, a one-hour round trip that covers six scenic miles. There are two 2020 weekends on the Wildflower Train schedule, with both falling around the middle of April. Booking your ticket for a ride? Best to do it soon, as past years have seen sell-out dates. The upcoming days are April 11 and 12 and again on April 18 and 19, and you can bet that "naturalists and Interpretive Park Rangers from the nearby Bureau of Reclamation's New Melones Lake" will be around, should you have a nature-focused question. It's an...

AIRY AND SUNSHINY AFFAIR, one that captures some of the grandest parts of Gold Country, whatever the flower sightings may yield. Ready for a throwback adventure, one that involves some of spring's sweetest blossoms and a picturesque engine at the lead? Choo-choose to visit this site now for tickets, times, and all of the train-tastic info.

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