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LA Zoo: New Digs for the Jaguars

The Griffith Park animal park unveils its newest animal habitat.



    LA Zoo: New Digs for the Jaguars
    Los Angeles Zoo
    The Los Angeles Zoo unveiled its newest habitat on Friday, May 22. A trio of jaguars will call the leafy, tree-laden space home.

    Do you recall the last time you moved into a new apartment or house? Did you send out a lot of photos of your pad to friends, along with lavish descriptions and choice details and exclamation points?

    We can only imagine what the trio of jaguars are brag-tweeting to the other cats in their coterie, now that the newest habitat at the Los Angeles Zoo has been officially unveiled.

    The big reveal arrived, with a dramatic swish of its spotted tail, on Friday, May 22, just in time for summer visitors. "The 7,100-square-foot jaguar habitat features a waterfall and a pool in which the animals can swim, deadwood trees on which they can climb, and abundant landscaping through which they can wander, such as tall grasses, shrubs, ficus trees, and banana plants," says the zoo.

    Sweet. You know those are just the sort of snazzy details you'd crow about, after you moved into a new place, if, of course, you happened to be a jaguar.

    And if you happened to be jaguar, you'd see that your new living quarters had been designed for your "specific needs and natural behavior," as all of the animal habitats will be under the zoo's in-the-works Master Plan.

    The opening of the jaguar habitat marks the close of Phase 1 of the $180-million-dollar project. The habitats are designed to be "superior living spaces for the animals, maximize safety and keeper management, and accommodate changes in zoo populations, including births."

    Want a peek at the brand-new tree-laden, leafy, multilevel jaguar habitat? Go roaming now ...

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