Raise Your Glass: Celebrity Wine Drinkers

These celebs can't help but raise a glass in honor of their reds and whites.

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Renee Zellweger hoisted a glass of red last year at a party in Rome celebrating her movie "Leatherheads." It's a good thing she had a drink, 'cuz that movie tanked.
For "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse the name really says it all ...
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Rachael Ray has no choice but to drink vino, it's a part of the job that she gamely endures.
Fashion designer Robert Cavalli loves his wine so much he launched his own line – and had leopard-print luggage made for it.
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It's hard to believe there's a glass large enough to fit Gerard Depardieu's nose.
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Joe "Guido the Killer Pimp" Pantoliano and Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden are like two kids in a candy store.
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Since his career as an astronaut came crashing back to Earth, Lance Bass has a lot more time to reflect on his days as a boy-bander over a glass of wine.
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Was it awkward for Billy Joel to watch Katie Lee get carded when they first started dating?
Apparently no one raised their glass to Eric McCormack's recent TV blunder "Trust Me". The show was axed. The "Will and Grace" star looks as unhappy with his vino as with his dwindling career.
Paula Deen loves wine so much she has a recipe for spritzers on her website – as though one actually needs a recipe for such a thing.
Comic legend Dan Aykroyd and former Barenaked Ladies front man Steven Page enjoying an awkward moment together.
Charlize Theron once said she'd "rather get drunk on red wine and talk with people I love" than go to fancy A-list parties. It appears a glass of white will do in a pinch.
Looks like this may not have been John Leguizamo's first glass of red that day.
If you spot Andy Dick peering at you from behind a glass wine, turn and run.
Drink enough wine and anybody would be feeling Shaggy.
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