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Boeing 9 hours ago

Boeing’s 777X, the World’s Largest Twin-Engine Jet, Completes Maiden Flight

Boeing’s 777X, a new generation of the wide-body aircraft, completed its maiden flight on Saturday — marking a milestone for the company struggling through the increasing fallout from two fatal crashe...

  • YouTube Dec 29, 2019

    YouTube Actually Steers People Away From Radical Videos, Researchers Say

    Examining millions of YouTube recommendations over the course of a year, two researchers have determined that the platform in fact combats political radicalization. The researchers said that, as of late 2019, YouTube’s recommendation algorithm appears to be designed to benefit mainstream media and cable news content over independent YouTube creator...
  • Phoenix Dec 29, 2019

    Airline Catering Workers in Phoenix Say Food Is Getting Too Hot on the Tarmac

    When you order food on a plane, there’s a chance it was preheated for you on the tarmac — unintentionally, NBC News reports. Airplane food is made at catering facilities at or near airports, usually by one of a group of large firms that contract with airlines. The food is brought to planes by hydraulic delivery trucks, which — according to&#8...
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