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Sober Living Facility in Reseda Helps Give Second Chances to Dogs as They Help Clear the Shelters

“They remind me of my situation, going to prison, being tossed to the side, being forgotten,” David Dougall said. 

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Clear Skies Ranch in Reseda is helping to Clear the Shelters.

They're all about giving second chances to the dogs they adopt, and for the dogs' trainers like David Dougall, this is his second chance too.

“They remind me of my situation, going to prison, being tossed to the side, being forgotten,” Dougall said. 

Clear Skies Ranch is a transitional facility for people recently released from prison.

And at this location, rescue dogs are part of the program.

“Because if you are able to have patience with these animals, take care of these animals, then you are able to take care of yourself before you leave from here,” he said.

Kenneth Curtis is the resident director at Clear Skies Ranch, he came here after spending years in prison.

“It gives you that sense of home,” Curtis said.

He's now a resident director at two locations where the dogs run the show.

“They come up, and they want to jump up on you because they feel that you are that safe place. The same thing as being in a transitional home, especially here, I feel that love being in a safe place,” Curtis said.

That safe place is provided by Executive Director Gabrielle Melville. 

“Our specialty is aged, senior dogs… This is our Cali girl,” Melville said.

She says adopting older dogs can change their lives.

“They always live way longer than they are expected. We get them here, and they are like, or they have a couple of months, and it’s always about two years. So, that, for the guys, is really special. They know they're doing a great thing,” she added.

The dogs and the program help the guys envision a new life too, because despite the struggles, Clear Skies Ranch is clearing the way for their future.

“Yes this program, Clear Skies, it's giving me this opportunity to be doing this work from inside to outside. So I love it,” Dougall said.

And the dogs love it too!

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