One of 10 FBI’s Most Wanted Suspects Faces Murder Charges

Jose Saenz was arrested in November in Mexico, where authorities say he was working for a drug cartel


One of the FBI’s Most Wanted suspects is expected in court on Thursday to face charges in connection with four slayings in Los Angeles County dating back 15 years.

The FBI said Jose Luis Saenz was leading a double life in Guadalajara, Mexico, when he was arrested in November -- living in an apartment above a beauty salon as an average citizen and working as a hitman for a drug cartel.

He was wanted in connection with four slayings -- the ambush and execution of two rival gang members in 1998; the rape and slaying of his ex-girlfriend; and the killing in 2008 of a man over a $600,000 drug debt, the FBI said.

Saenz is an LA high school dropout who collected a string of nicknames such as Toro, Smiley, and Peanut as a one-time member of the Cuatro Flats gang.

When he was arrested, he identified himself to agents as Giovanni Torres, one of about 20 aliases used during his time on the run.

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