Doctor Fatally Shot at Office in Newport Beach

A doctor was fatally shot and the suspected gunman was in custody on Monday after a shooting at a doctor's office in Newport Beach, police said.

The shooting happened at 2:45 p.m. in a second-floor patient room at 520 Superior Ave., said Kathy Lowe, of the the Newport Beach Police Department.

Lowe said police received a call from someone reporting hearing up to seven shots fired in the medical office. Police arrived and found both the gunman and the shooting victim in the office.

The gunman, a man in his 70s whose name was not immediately released, was arrested without a struggle. An employee who works in the building said the gunman had a scheduled appointment with the slain doctor.

Police did not identify the person who was shot, but witnesses told NBC4 that the man was possibly a urologist.

Because the building is so new, witnesses initially thought the shooting was the sound of construction.

"I thought it was construction, like a nail gun," said Kristin Crotty, an employee at the medical facility.

The doctor has a wife and two children. His family declined to comment late Monday.

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