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Burglary Suspects Drive Over 120 mph, Switch Off Lights During 5 Freeway Pursuit

A police pursuit that started in the West Hollywood area ended on the shoulder of the 5 Freeway near Castaic with three suspected burglars taken into custody, authorities said.

Newschopper4 Alpha with Eliana Moreno was over the chase around 8:00 p.m., after the vehicle had moved onto the 5 Freeway northbound near the 118 Freeway.

The vehicle was traveling at high speeds, approaching 140 mph at one point, on the 5 Freeway northbound in the Sun Valley area.

The LA County Sheriff's Department, which began the pursuit of the burglary suspects, pulled off the pursuit, but a sheriff's helicopter continued following the speeding white Dodge from the sky.

The California Highway Patrol took over the chase on the 5 Freeway near Magic Mountain Parkway, and the vehicle switched off its lights and was driving blacked out when the CHP pulled up behind it.

After continuing to drive at dangerously fast speeds and swerving around traffic, the driver abruptly pulled over to the inside shoulder. The California Highway Patrol then began to provide instructions to the driver, who appeared not to be complying.

Around 8:20 p.m., a passenger emerged from the front seat and slowly backed towards authorities while his pants appeared to be falling down. A few moments later, another passenger appeared to exit the back seat of the vehicle and also walked slowly back towards officers until he was taken into custody.

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A few moments later, a third passenger emerged from the back seat of the vehicle and also surrendered.

The driver, however, did not appear to be complying with instructions.

After a short time, officers approached and searched the vehicle and found no one inside, meaning one of the three people that exited from the passenger's side of the vehicle was the driver.

The delay in surrendering caused a backup on the 5 Freeway near Lake Hughes. Traffic was backed up at least three miles when Newschopper4 Alpha pulled off the scene around 8:40 p.m.

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