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Vaccine Clinic Opens in John Wayne Airport to Vaccinate Travelers

The clinic hours are set to change based on the number of people traveling — and they're seeing an uptick, officials said.

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Travelers who pass through John Wayne Airport in Orange County can now go on their trip and get their COVID-19 vaccine all in the same day.

The airport contains two Hoag locations, where physicians will administer the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine to travelers who want it.

The first, which visitors will need a boarding pass to access, is an urgent care facility where travelers can be treated for injuries, illness or pick up forgotten prescriptions. The second, located outside security, also provides COVID-19 rapid tests for $139.

In both locations, the vaccine is provided for free.

"We call it a surprise and delight moment where people coming off a plane, or getting ready to travel, think 'why not get it now?'" said Marcy Brown, chief hospital operating officer for Hoag Health Network.

Hoag expects to give hundreds of vaccines a day, and will operate based on supply and demand. Clinic hours are expected to change based on the number of people traveling, and right now, officials are seeing an uptick.

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