US in Top 20 for International Happiness Day

The 2019 World Happiness Report ranked the US in 19th place.

Each person creates their own happiness. There are many things in the world that can make a person happy; family, friends, pets, or even music.

Wednesday March 20 is not only the first day of spring but it is also the international day of happiness.

According to the World Happiness Report for 2019, which ranked a total of 156 countries, the United States falls in the 19th place of the global happiness rankings.

That’s one place lower than it was in last year’s happiness report.

Finland takes the first spot once again while Canada and Sweden land in the top 10.

Other countries like Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala landed in the top 50.

The report states that the happiness levels in the United States have been decreasing since the early 2000s.

Researchers suggest this is due to an increase in depression and self harm, as well as the rise of digital media and the amount of time people spend on video games and social media.

“During the same time period that digital media use increased, adolescents began to spend less time interacting with each other in person, including getting together with friends, socializing, and going to parties,” the report states.

The report states that they use the variables of GDP per capita, social support, healthy life expectancy, freedom, generosity, and absence of corruption “to explain the variation of happiness across countries.”

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