Winning Lottery Ticket Worth $61 Million Sold in Orange County

Monday is the first day ticketholders can contact the California Lottery to claim their prize.

Winner winner, so much more than a chicken dinner.

A lottery ticket worth an estimated $61 million was sold at a 7-Eleven in Laguna Hills.

The winning numbers, drawn Friday, are 6-13-18-20-31 with Mega number 13. The ticket matches all six.

The store, located at 27001 Moulton Parkway, will receive a whopping $305,000 retailer bonus from a separate lottery fund for selling the ticket.

If you happen to have the winning ticket, the California Lottery recommends you sign the back in ink, keep it in a safe place and visit any of the nine Lottery District Offices or contact Lottery officials.

Monday is the first day ticket holders can contact the California Lottery to claim their prize, but the winner will have one year from the date of the draw to claim the jackpot, California Lottery said in a statement.

The ticket holder will have the option of receiving the prize money incrementally in annual payments spread out over 30 years, meaning he or she will pay less in federal taxes, or accepting a lump sum of an estimated $37.3 million upfront.

This is the second time the golden state has been home to a Mega Millions jackpot this year, the California lottery said. In January, Jack Freney won the $191 million Mega Millions jackpot with a ticket purchased in Nipton, California.

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