A ‘Monstrously' Tasty Pizookie Just Made Its Dessertful Debut

The limited-time treat includes M&M Minis, plus peanut butter gooey-goodness, too. Where to find it? BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse.

BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse

What to Know

  • BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse
  • The goodie is a collaboration with M&Ms
  • Peanut butter and oats are also featured in the ice cream-topped treat

The Pizookie, that toothsomely warm, pan-expanding, eat-it-with-a-spoon cookie that's synonymous with BJ's Restaurants and Brewhouse, has garnered goodie fans aplenty over the decades.

And while Pizookie people, who have been known to call upon the eatery solely to indulge in this iconic confection, have their favorite classics from the Pizookie side of the menu, hearing that a new cookie has debuted, if only for a short while, has a way of piquing our Pizookie-centered attention.

That's just what happened, in late April, when the new BJ's Monster Pizookie made its M&M Mini-bedecked bow at the restaurants, which are also known for hearty hamburgers, savory sides, and bespoke brews.

The newest Pizookie is a collaboration with M&M, in fact, and is the first new Pizookie to make its debut in over a year.

But while the top is well-M&M'd, there are other tempting tidbits to tell your taste buds about.

The "warm, ooey-gooey cookie" is ".. filled with peanut butter, oats, peanut butter chips," says the BJ's team, and, yes, chocolate chips and M&M Minis, too. There are also M&M Minis on top of the dessert, for more flavor and visual kapow, and a vanilla bean ice cream, too, giving the gooey goodie its cold-meets-warm character.

The price of this new, get-it-soon Pizookie depends on the location, is the word.

Are you seeking sweets as spring unfolds, those little indulgences that feel right near the close of the school year and the start of summertime?

Pizookieans, this is one monster you need to run toward if you'd like to enjoy it before it disappears from the menu.

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