Aquarium Otter Calendar: Download It Now

The calendar, once only available to Aquarium of the Pacific members, is now available, for free, to everyone.

Name any hot travel trend, or current foodie passion, or a style that's taking the runways by storm.

And otters will still hold more affection-grabbing sway in popular culture, over absolutely everything, and that's absolutely everything ever, to infinity, no argument, that's all, thank you. 

We've all accepted this furry fact, but you don't have to look far for evidence to back-up what we're saying. From holiday ice treats made just for aquarium otters, to the giant ancient otters making headlines in early 2017, to Otter Bowl, to the birth of a brand-new otter in the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Great Tidepool in 2016, these aquatic acrobats rule our attention spans, and, of course, our hearts.

And now our 2017 calendars. For the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach recently announced that a special downloadable otter calendar, long a members-only perk, has now been made available to everyone.

Well, everyone who loves an otter, which, we'll go out on a pier and firmly state includes everyone everywhere.

As for each month? Well, February is squealable, March is full of coos, and if you don't awww over April, you probably aren't an awww-er by nature. The photographs include the otters at play, otters pondering a line-up of holiday treats, and otters just taking it easy after a full day of roly-poly antics.

Robin Riggs, a longtime aquarium volunteer, is the photographer behind the fabulous photos.

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The calendar is free to download, so if all of this watery whimsy is your personal jam, splash over to the otter calendar page and download it at once.

It's already February, and you don't want to waste another moment being otter-calendar-free, which, in these otter-obsessed days, is not advisable. So bring more ottery awesomeness into your life, pronto.

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