ArtNight Pasadena Will Be Both Virtual and In-Person

The free event, which pops up at cultural spots around Old Pasadena and beyond twice a year, is taking an at-home or go-there approach.

ArtNight Pasadena

What to Know

  • Friday, Oct. 8 from 6 to 10 p.m.
  • Virtual presentations, from dance performances to painting demos, will be available to watch at home
  • Limited in-person happenings, including live jazz and art exhibitions, will take place at a number of locations; shuttles will not be running

Treating the community to a bounty of beautiful tunes, exquisite exhibitions, and pop-up music performances, all without charging admission?

That has long been one of the give-back goals of ArtNight Pasadena. Billed as the Crown City's "signature cultural event," a happening that's helmed by the Cultural Affairs Division (in association with several local organizations), ArtNight Pasadena has become beloved for its open-the-doors, share-all-the-art approach.

This approach, in years gone by, has meant that museums and galleries located around Old Pasadena, and just beyond, have waived admission fees over four festive hours on the evening of an ArtNight.

Further? Pop-up concerts, tantalizing talks, food trucks, and helpful shuttles have served as other happy hallmarks of the twice-a-year event.

It's a celebration that went virtual in 2020, and again in the spring of 2021. Now ArtNight Pasadena is back with in-person offerings, but there's a major online component, too, if you'd like to look on from home.

The Friday, Oct. 8 in-person events the chance to view "Alison Saar: Of Aether and Earthe" at the Armory Center for the Arts and the "Billboard Project" at Art Center College of Design on Raymond Avenue.

You can also call upon the GroWorks Garden, and make some art yourself, at the artWORKS Teen Center.

Do keep in mind that the free shuttles, staples of past ArtNights, will not be running during the Fall 2021 to-do.

Hoping to savor some of the spirited dance, demos, and dazzling art pieces from home?

The virtual goodies are plentiful. California Art Club president Michael Obermeyer will lead a landscape painting demo, while the Pasadena Museum of History will present the exhibition "From Senet to Monopoly to Terraforming Mars: 4,600 Years of Board Games."

Whether you keep close to your screen or journey for the heart of Old Pas and nearby cultural centers, all you enjoy on Oct. 8 is totally free.

How to choose, with the lengthy list? Good question. Studying up, in advance, on what is happening at the Fall 2021 go-around for this lovely present to the people of Pasadena and all of Southern California is a smart tack.

Pictured: A piece by artist Cynthia Minet at a previous ArtNight Pasadena.

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