Beauty & Essex's Fresh Deal Gets Bubbly (and Briny)

The stylish Tinseltown restaurant is adding flavorful flair to Tuesday evenings, for those who love to sip 'n slurp.

Beauty & Essex

What to Know

  • Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 8 p.m., starting July 12
  • 1615 Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood
  • Buy a dozen oysters for $54 and enjoy a complimentary bottle of Cava or prosecco

Parts of the Golden State, those communities closest to the shore, have become known for throwing oyster-centered celebrations as the summer solstice approaches, or not too long after.

Humboldt County, the Central Coast, and other sand-adjacent spots have made bivalve bashes a major element of their warm-weather calendars, with special sips, live music, beachy activities, and the all-important shucking contests serving as celebratory centerpieces.

But what does an oyster aficionado, specifically a Southern California-based seafoodie who also adores sparkling libations, do when they can't attend these annual California food fests?

Surely there must be other oyster-focused foodie fun times in the vicinity.

And surely you'd be right if you thought such a thing: Restaurants do feature the briny bites in special ways in the summertime, with the latest slurp-ready series kicking off on Tuesday, July 12.

One starry spot where you can indulge in oodles of oysteriana?

Beauty & Essex, that stylish see-and-be-sated staple of Cahuenga Boulevard, is making the second day of the week the oyster-iest occasion on its schedule.

How? By putting the focus on "Bubbles & Pearls" each Tuesday, from 5:30 to 8 in the evening. (Indeed, this deal also puts a spotlight on the fact that the eatery is reopening for Tuesday dinner service.)

The name sounds as light as fizz and as iridescent as an oyster shell, but how does it work?

Here's the fizzy 411: Order a dozen oysters for $54 and savor a complimentary bottle of Cava or prosecco.

What oysters will be included on the picturesque platter? That will depend upon which from-the-sea mollusks are at their freshest on the day you choose to dine there.

Seeking a starrier spot to sup? There's a newly expanded courtyard patio, a picturesque alfresco area, a fresh-air'd find in the middle of Tinseltown's bustling Vinyl District.

Discover more about this briny-nice, beverage-tasty Tuesday series by visiting the Beauty & Essex site now.

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