Check Into This ‘Madcap Motel' and Explore a Strange Realm

The offbeat experience whisks the curious and adventurous into surreal spaces. Feeling the mystery? Make for the Arts District pop-up soon.

Madcap Motel

What to Know

  • An immersive Arts District experience that includes 18 rooms brimming with "adventure & oddities"
  • Thursday through Sunday; limited-time run (tickets available through the end of May)
  • $40 ages 12 and up; $30 ages 4-11; free 3 and under

Seeing the world through a surreal eye, all to keep in touch with your creative spirit?

This might come naturally to you as you go about your usual, normal, gotta-get-it-done errands, the day-to-day stuff that doesn't feel unusual at all.

Perhaps you imagine you're in a sci-fi scenario as you stand in line or wait at traffic lights. Are there hidden portals our eyes can't see? Are there several realities happening at once? And is life way more fanciful than we know it to be?

An immersive experience in the Arts District has some ethereally eccentric answers to those quirky questions.

It's called "Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel," and the "elsewhere" part of the name says as much as "madcap": You're going to saunter through strange spaces brimming with "adventure & oddities."

There are 18 rooms in all, with motel-inspired settings that summon a stylish '60s-era design.

But this is no mere visit to a time six decades back: You're journeying through a magical portal of sorts when you step inside the Madcap Motel, a place where whimsical occurrences and mysterious happenstance set the brain-teasing tone.

Have you been missing art that has an all-around-you feel? The sort of imagination-driven environments that invite you to keep your eyes well-peeled for sights that feel a pinch peculiar?

This is a limited-time experience, but there are still tickets available through the end of May.

Step inside an enterable artwork, one that asks you to play the part of an engaged, bemused, amused, and ultimately entertained viewer, and find the fantastical again.

Craving more information, lovers of surreal worlds? More madcappery may be found here.

Getting the vibe of this pop-up, delightfully daft destination? The Madcap Motel's Instagram has more surrealness in store.

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