Sci-Fi and Fantasy to Reign at a New 2022 Convention

The two-in-one-tacular, which will celebrate both genres, will land its craft/ride its steed into Pasadena next winter.


What to Know

  • The Midsummer Scream team is behind the new convention
  • Feb. 12-13, 2022
  • Pasadena Convention Center

There are plenty of traditional forms of transportation you can employ in order to reach the Pasadena Convention Center on a bright and cool February day.

You can ride a bike or walk there, if you like. Or you can Metro it, by train or by bus.

And driving your automobile in the direction of the Green Street destination for out-sized expos and mondo meet-ups? That's a common way to arrive at the busy convention center.

But if you choose to land your shiny spacecraft in front of the building, or clip-clop into the Crown City on your noble steed, you might not get too many second glances or cocked eyebrows.

For a colossal new convention is ready to set down its landing gear in Southern California on Feb. 12-13, 2022, and we use the word "colossal" because the event will take on not one but two truly ginormous genres.

It's Sci-Fi Fantasy L.A., a brand-new happening from the talented team behind Midsummer Scream, the huge Halloween convention that has traditionally taken place in the summertime in Long Beach (2020 and this year are the pandemic-related exceptions, no surprise, but the chilling con will return in 2022).

As for what this new two-day spectacular will deliver?

All sorts of science fiction sights and fantasy-strong scenarios, with vendors, panels, and attractions spinning out mysterious and surreal experiences.

The convention, which was announced in early May 2021, seeks to "challenge and inspire your imagination."

"The sci-fi convention will celebrate your favorite futuristic movies, TV shows, and games, with a special focus on the science impacting sci-fi, and sci-fi inspiring humans to create new technologies to bring us into space," shared the team on the Midsummer Scream social pages.

"The fantasy convention highlights the intersection of sword and sorcery epics and interactive gaming, while timed to be a kick-off for Ren fair season and one of the earliest fan conventions for cosplayers to come out and play."

Good news, however: You don't need your own personal time portal or scrying glass to discover more information on the simultaneously galactic and gallant gathering as information develops.

Signing up for the mailing list, so you're among the first in the galaxy and/or kingdom to know what's up, is as smart as keeping your UFO well-polished and your fantasy steed well-groomed.

Do so here, fantasy fans and mavens of sci-fi, and look to winter's coolest days for one of the coolest conventions to materialize on this planet in eons.

And if you can't wait for Midsummer Scream 2022? The eeky outfit behind the convention is bringing Season's Screamings, a holiday-themed horror-tacular, to the Pasadena Convention Center in December 2021.

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