Cronuts at This Tasty Anniversary Bash

The gooey-middle'd haute goodie is celebrating its 6th with a special weekend-long set of Cronut Hole classics.

What to Know

  • Dominique Ansel Bakery
  • The Grove
  • Five-piece Cronut Hole classic set, available for purchase May 10-12

To say that the Cronut, that croissant-doughnut hybrid created by pastry wizard Dominique Ansel, swept into Los Angeles on a wave isn't quite right.

It was a wave, yes, when the Cronut finally officially arrived at The Grove in the fall of 2017, but not of the water variety.

Rather, this superstar treat, which made an earlier splash in SoHo in New York City, seemed to sweep into Southern California on a gooey, creamy wave of cocoa-scented, lavender-flecked ganache.

Which would be just the kind of delicious middle you'd find in a Cronut, which has shown the capacity to gloriously capture a host of intriguing flavor profiles and zazzy combos, via both its outer icing and its middle-marvelous goo.

"Goo," of course, said with love: It's always so luscious, a Cronut's center.

If you yourself have goo'd over the Cronut since its 2017 LA arrival, best get to Dominique Ansel Bakery at the mid-city shopping center from May 10-12.

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For May 10 is the Cronut's 6th anniversary, counting back to its New York City debut, and a special set of five classic Cronut Holes will be for sale.

Those flavors include sour cherry almond and raspberry coconut, as well as a trio of other tasty favorites. The cost? It's $25, and, as mentioned, available for in-store purchase for three days only.


If you're around the bakery on May 11, you may score a free Cronut Hole. The staff'll be "... surprising guests at random times throughout the day" with the flaky-fun confections.

And if you do brunch upstairs at Dominique Ansel on Saturday or Sunday, you'll find the May Cronut Hole featured (mmm, it's Neapolitan).

This is quite the way to do up a birthday, but, then again, the Cronut made quite a splash when it first arrived on the NYC bakery scene six years ago in May, and then in the autumn of 2017 here in LA.

Cronuts? We think we shall, thank you very much.

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