Dapper Day: Dressy Fun at Disneyland

Break out your fancy finery and stroll at The Happiest Place on Earth.

Stroll through the picturesque gates at The Happiest Place on Earth and you're bound to encounter a number of sights at the get-go, from the handsome train station that sits above the made-of-flowers Mickey to a princess or two out to greet the just-arriving guests.

Should you encounter, though, several visitors from 1955, well, you have not passed through some twinkly portal back to Disneyland's opening, rather than the traditional front gate. The story is this: You've landed at the theme park on Dapper Day.

And lucky you. The twice-a-year event, which is not sponsored by Disneyland Resort (and yet encapsulates much of the nostalgia the destination is known for), is all about guests breaking out their coolest, bygone-iest clothing and strutting around both the historic park, and Disney California Adventure, for the day.

No time machine required.

"Coolest clothing" can mean a number of things, but for most visitors it is all about the vintage va-voom-y ensembles, with several people paying homage to Disneyland's first decade with pinafores, Brylcreem'd locks, and saddle shoes.

But if you feel more at home in a snazzy, gold-shiny '70s pantsuit? Wear it on Sunday, Nov. 6, with your crown held high. (Oh yes, and feel free to go with a period hairstyle, too, if that's where your head is literally at.)

True, there is also a related event on Saturday, Nov. 5 (and Nov. 6, too) at the Disneyland Hotel. It is the Dapper Day Expo, a sartorially stupendous convention of clothing and more from bygone eras. 

If you want to simply do the visit-the-park thing, in-your-gussiest-get-up thing, well, that's Sunday the 6th, so pencil that in, pronto. And, yes, you'll need a ticket to Disneyland, or both parks, to enter, though you're sure to also spy wave after wave of wowza outfits by calling upon Downtown Disney, which is free to see.

Has Dapper Day now been around for over a half decade? It sure has, meaning that the fashions of 2011 may soon be vintage-y enough for participants to wear. (Well, maybe in a few more decades.)

Does it happen at Disneyland Paris and at Walt Disney World, too? It does, making this a panache-cool event a planet-big bash. (Or one that's getting there, anyway.)

Will people wear clothing that is an homage to various characters? They do, but the looks they choose aren't full-on costumes, but rather pay tribute to the Disney character through the material's color, cut, or particular details and accessories.

For the whole snazzy shebang, and the chance to view thousands of dressy revelers calling upon a place where ride-ready comfort is often the trend, saunter by Dapper Day and find inspiration for your own fashionable frock or suit.

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