Deals Are Brewing for National Coffee Day

It's the bean-beautiful-est, stir-in-the-cream-est, piping-hottest holiday of the year, and spots around SoCal will celebrate with savings.

Alexander Spatari

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Sept. 29
  • Use the code GOODSTUFF at Peet's online for a bevy of savings through Sept. 29
  • Show at a Starbucks with a "clean, reusable cup" and enjoy a complimentary coffee on Sept. 29

Swing by a few coffeehouses and you're bound to see someone with the sort of sassy sweatshirt or phone sticker or notebook cover that touts the idea of "Coffee O'Clock" or "It's Always Time for a Cup" or "Latte Love for Coffee."

For being part of the caffeine crew? It's something of a quirky calling, or at least a daily practice that involves a stirrable, steamable pot or mug of something that's full of bean-y beauty and eye-opening depth.

So if it is always Coffee O'Clock where you are, how do you celebrate Sept. 29, which is truly and officially National Coffee Day? Even if you own a sweatshirt that proclaims that it is always National Coffee Day?

There are plenty of ways to honor the perk-up event, which various coffeehouses, shops, and companies celebrate through a host of savings, giveaways, and special happenings.

Peet's Coffee, that Golden State titan of elegant espressos and regal roasts, is giving fans 25% off a host of items, including pods, beans, and more. You'll need to head online and use the code GOODSTUFF. The final day to score the good stuff with this promotion? It's Sept. 29.

Starbucks is marking its 50th anniversary on Sept. 29 with free coffee. Is Pike Place Roast a personal favorite? Show at your local store with a "clean, reusable cup" and enjoy some Pike Place bliss on the house. (Oh yes, just make sure your area store is participating.)

Stone Street LA, the recently opened coffee lounge on Melrose Avenue, has a social-sweet deal for the day. If you follow the lounge on Instagram, and tag a pair of coffee-loving friends, you'll score a gratis joe (which can be drip or cold brew or even espresso).

Stopping by a Verve Coffee on Sept. 29? This is nummy, and nice on the wallet: Guests can savor that complimentary cup "... by showing that they have subscribed to Verve's mailing list, follow Verve across social platforms and submit a SMS number at the register." There's also a year's-worth-of-coffee giveaway on social media, so visit Verve online and jump in, if that speaks to you.

Barnes & Nobles Cafes will be celebrating the tasty holiday with a freebie, too. Buy something from the bakery and enjoy a free tall coffee (freshly brewed, of course, and it can be either hot or iced).

And at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf? Buy a food item, or a goodie from the bakery, that is priced at $2 or higher, and enjoy a free brewed coffee (regular size). The snacks that qualify? Consider purchasing the just-debuted "... Pumpkin Donut, Egg White & Veggie Bites, Chorizo Breakfast Burrito," or the Bacon Egg Potato Bites. Yum.

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