FryDay to Salt Up Your Saturday, Potato Peeps

Pour a glop of ketchup on your plate in preparation of National French Fry Day.

What to Know

  • Saturday, July 13
  • National French Fry Day
  • Farmer Boys, Wienerschnitzel, and other eateries'll have specials

Eat them plain, enjoy them with a pinch of salt, cover them in truffle powder, dip them in ketchup, dunk 'em in your milkshake, or pile 'em directly on top of your hamburger? However you speak French fry, they do rule the carb-cool school for many of us.

Which is why we always make a point to clear July 13, each and every year. That's a special holiday of the saltiest proportions, but then, as a follower of all National French Fry Day festivities, you already know that.

So order that side of spicy ranch, or go mayo, if you want to be continental, and find spots offering deals on everyone's favorite shoe-string'd, julienne'd-out potato.

Farmer Boys has a side of fries for a buck on July 13, 2019. Just make sure you order 'em between noon to when your local participating shop closes, and make sure you order and pay for another item. What locations are on board? Find 'em here.

Dig an IHOP steakburger? As much as you fancy French fries? Then you're in some kind of luck, for the chain'll offer "unlimited fries" when you order the Ultimate Steakburger. Price? It all starts at $6.99.

McDonald's is pairing up with UberEats on July 13 for one delicious delivery. Make that a free and delicious delivery, that is, for if you download the UberEats app, include a medium fry in your order, and use the code provided, you'll get those fries for free. Note that there could be a charge for delivery, and the hours are limited, so do read the small print.

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Dining at SAJJ Mediterranean on July 13? Pick your entree, order it, and then savor a complimentary side of fries. Be sure to mention the offer to score it. Also? It's good at both SAJJs, including Irvine and Rancho Santa Margarita.

Your local joint may be doing something special in the fry realm, so check their social feed, or simply swing by, to see if they've got those #Frydayfeelings come July 13.

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